Cultivating Your Most Potent Leadership Potential

the leaders path leadership potential with angela moonan

the leaders path leadership potential with angela moonanHow much of your day do you spend thinking about the future? When you have your virtual employee meetings, do you often reference “this is how we’ve always done it”…

There is no power in the future. There is no power in the past. Your only true power is right here right now in this moment. That’s where energy resides.  Shifting your attention to the present moment allows you harness your energy in the most effective and efficient way.

How You Experience Your Moments is How You Experience Your Life

​A recent study stated our brain is processing approximately twelve million pieces of data a second. Our brain can actually consciously only process about fifty of those pieces of data in any given second. And even with those fifty pieces of data, how much do you believe you’re truly able to embrace each of them and milk them for all they’re worth? The point is that if you’re intentionally living in the present moment, the pieces of data – the most meaningful aspects of this second – will be felt fully and understood with greater clarity. And isn’t that what so many are seeking, particularly right now? Clarity. Sweet clarity.

Clarity, Sweet Clarity

My promise to you is this – that if you’re mindfully living in this moment, turning on and tuning into your five senses… clarity shall be yours. And it can come as fast or as slow as you’re willing and open to believing it can. In The Mindful Leader Program for example, we work step by step on ways to stay present and focused on the here and now. It’s all-important if you desire to take your Leadership, your impact, your legacy, to new heights. ​​

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