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WOW: Simpatico, The Art of Harmonious Connection

simpatico the art of harmonious connection with angela moonan word of the week

Hello and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever you may celebrate! It’s the beauty of the season and everyone gets to be simpatico with one another, simpatico with their family. We hope simpatico with clients, simpatico with employees, with their lovers, their partners, their friends, their children, simpatico. So that is our word of the week, […]

WOW: Simpatico

simpatico and its meaning for living well today with angela moonan

The beauty of the holiday season reminds us to be ‘in agreement,” “in alignment” The word of this week is “SIMPATICO” In tune with Mutual understanding Empathy “Vibing with you” – “I get you” we are in alignment with one another or with yourSELF Words Matter! In our journey through the fascinating world of language, […]

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