Word of the Week : CELEBRATE

word of the week celebrate with angela moonan for living well today

Word of the Week : CELEBRATE

Word of the Week time!

It’s time to..


What does it feel like to CELEBRATE? Each and every day, what can you celebrate? It’s in the moments you recognize and celebrate, in the tiniest of moments, interactions, conversations, that you build a beautiful life! It’s a word we all love to do, be a part of, experience… CELEBRATE!

I’m sharing a word for you for this week that, if you incorporate into your everyday narrative, monologue, dialogue, it actually shifts the way that you’re seeing, the moment, the way that you’re experiencing your day. And it’s a word everybody loves to do, to feel, to experience, and that word is CELEBRATE!

So, let’s celebrate. As you share with a colleague, someone in your family, and you’re just talking about any ole thing, doesn’t much matter. Just say, “Ooh, let’s celebrate that!” Let’s find a way to celebrate…”

Celebration, exaltation, joy in the moment, marking an occasion for a particular reason. And that reason, of course, is to feel happiness and to feel at ease that all is right with the world. That you’re communing with those that you care most about. Actually, you can celebrate with a stranger too. Celebrate. Celebrate the moments. Celebrate the art of every moment, and take it in. Really feel it what it feels like to say that word. Let’s celebrate.

So, for living well… today: Celebrate who you are, where you are, just as you are.

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