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It’s Word of the Week time for living well… today. Words have power – and sometimes, the power can lie ‘in the middle.’

Word of the Week:  MAYBE

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week. And many of you will really like this word. I think sometimes actually it makes people feel some impatience will rise up, and that’s because they love things black and white. But if you’re in that in-between place, then settle into this word. Maybe. Maybe it’s not. Yes, it’s not. No, it’s undecided. It’s not indecisive. It’s just saying, I’m not quite ready to make a decision on that. The old saying, if you don’t know what decision to make, don’t make one at all. But what the wonderful function is of the word, maybe how it helps your brain and your heart, your heart and your mind is, and really in your body. Because every word that we say matters and resonates and has an energy to it. And that affects, of course, our body maybe allows you to stay open, stay open to the possibilities, turn left, turn right, who knows maybe.

The Possibilities, The Opportunities – Muscle test it!

By saying maybe it keeps the possibilities, the opportunities, it keeps the door open to become more informed. And if you’re ever wondering, okay, do I say yes? Do I say no to this or that, or that person, or this position or opportunity or this favor? Whatever it may be, you can always muscle test it. And muscle testing is a super simple thing. Your body is always your best compass. Yes. And so you take your left or right arm and you ask it in affirmative that you know for sure. The answer is yes, my name is Angela. Yes. And you push down on your arm and if your arm is nice and steady and strong, then you have an affirmative and your subconscious, your body is telling you, yes, I know that to be true. If you ask yourself a question and your arm weakens, when you press it down with the other arm, then you know that your body, your subconscious is not fully in alignment, in support of that, in the affirmative or the negative, whichever you ask it. So maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that. And just stay open. Stay open to the possibilities for living well today.

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