WOW: Word of the Week for Better Choices is Discernment

word of the week for living well today with angela moonan is discernment

Discernment: It’s in the day-to-day choices that we create balance, that we change our lives for the better.

Hello, it’s WOW – Word of the Week time, and I love this word. I use it often. I don’t hear others use it very often, and we all could definitely benefit from the ACTION of it day-to-day. The word is DISCERNMENT.

Discernment. What does that mean?

Discernment means, and even when you say it, it focuses you in. It asks you to make finer choices. Sometimes big choices, but most often our day-to-day choices are not big, big choices, right? They’re not big, big decisions. There’s this nuance to discernment, making refined choices, more specific. Making and creating balance around the decisions you make. Having discernment, having the lens that you look through allow you to make those refined choices for yourself, this or that. A little bit more of this, a little bit less of that. Discernment around the people you choose to surround yourself with. Discernment around what you choose to eat and drink. Discernment around your day to day intentions and actions. It’s a head (+) heart process. Consult your heart – get out of your head and drop down to your heart for better and better discernment.

Making discerning choices

So, discernment: Making discerning choices, making better quality, more refined choices that benefit you. And of course always, those around you as well, with integrity. Making choices with integrity for both yourself and for those around you… for ALL. So this week, walk through your week with discernment. Be more aware, more intentional around the choices, and realizing the implications and impact both for yourself, your family, your colleagues, your employees, that those refined, more refined choices make. And do it with love. Do it with kindness. Do it with softness. Discernment is not heavy-handed. Discernment is a soft skill. So walk with discernment this week. Make finer choices for yourself and those you love, and for all.

For living well… today, Many blessings to you. See you soon!



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