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Hello, welcome to Living Well… Today and the Word of the Week! I’m Angela, and thank you so much for taking a moment out of your day to listen to this. Each week I record a ‘Word of the Week’ as a way to emphasize the importance of the story that you tell and how it shapes your day-to-day experience of life, and your own well-being for living well… today.  Because words matter.

The story you tell yourself and others, matters. It shapes your perception of everything and helps encourage you to consider different points of view and shaping your story in a way that’s more resourceful and empowering  – versus disempowering and non-resourceful. Which would you prefer?

So, word of the week this week is about being open. Open to yourself, open to others. The word is accessible.

Accessible in a time where access seems so limited –  to try and get someone live, on the phone. It seems next to impossible these days to get someone to return an email, to read your email, to watch your video, whatever it may be. So I want you to think about this. Are you accessible in all ways that matter? Is your heart accessible? Do you have walls up? Do you shut people down? Accessible means open to receiving, connecting, being able to reach, to connect with. Are you that person? Are you accessible or are you consciously or unconsciously shutting down endeavor? If there was ever a time to consider being more open, more accessible, more willingness to connect and to receive, it’s the holiday season. So as you walk through the remainder of this weekend, weekend, I want you to think about, am I open? Am I accessible? Do people have accessibility? When it comes to me, am I only showing them one mask? This mask? Am I only showing them one side of me? Or are they getting all of me? Are they getting access to my real being, my real person? The things that really matter to me, or am I putting on a front? Because that accessibility also has to do with the relationship that you have with yourself, which is the most important relationship of all, of course.

If people are having difficulty getting access to you. Why is that? Now there’s a certain level of access and accessibility that’s important. We need to have our boundaries, etc. Yes. But if it’s a way of life for us, it’s probably not the healthiest.

So consider opening up, making yourself more accessible, more reachable, more able to connect with others, and watch how life blooms. Watch how your day blooms for you.

All the best for living well… today!



PS If you’d like help opening up, being more accessible – to your friends, family, colleagues, team… let’s talk.

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