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WOW: Creating Beauty in our Work and Life with HARMONY

word of the week angela moonan for living well today the harmoney method

Creating Beauty in our Work and life with Harmony Hello, it’s Word of the Week time, and I’m Angela. We’ve talked before about melody. This one is, its counterpart, is HARMONY. Creating Beauty in our Work and life with Harmony can mean many things. You may have seen or practiced The Harmoney Method (TM)… “I walk […]

WOW: Marching to Your Own Beat

word of the week from angela moonan is melody

Word of the Week is Melody! Singing your own tune – that’s what this word of the week is all about. Whereas I talk often about the HARMONEY Method – that’s integration, a co-mingling and mixing of many elements… MELODY is about stepping up and recognizing yourself as The Star in your own life. Marching […]


word of the week for living well today with angela moonan enough

Word of the Week is ENOUGH This is one of two themes that EVERY human being on this planet struggles with, some more than others. When you begin to shift the story (your beliefs) around “ENOUGH” – watch that you’ll begin to feel you do indeed, have ENOUGH, ARE ENOUGH, “I AM ENOUGH” You don’t […]

WOW: Word of the Week is (I AM) HERE!

angela moonan shares word of the week for living well today present moment living be here now

Word of the Week: (I AM) HERE! Your true power lies HERE, in the present moment. Practice saying this week “I AM HERE.” Be fully present for yourself, your work, in your conversations this week. Bring your full focus, energy, attention to right HERE right now. You can change the world from right HERE where […]

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