Monthly Archives: September 2023

WOW! Word of the Week: RESILIENCE

word of the week is resilience with angela moonan for living well today Resilience for Living Well… Today! It’s WOW Time! Word of the Week. This word I think, has been demonstrated by so many of us these days in particular. But I believe that it’s one of the finest things that you can continue to cultivate within yourself. And it can only be strengthened, it can […]

What are three things you can do right now to make today a “10”?

living well today have a 10 of a day good morning

Do you have a scale on which you get to rate your day? This is a tool I began using nearly a decade ago. When I started, I had a lot of 3-4-5 days. Then as I began making a more conscious effort about benchmarking the quality of my work day … The number began to […]

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