Word of the Week: DEVOTED

angela moonan word of the week is devoted

It’s word of the week time with Angela!

When you move into action with this word the world conspires to help you realize whatever is in your heart

This word is really quite lovely, in every aspect. And the word is DEVOTED.


Devoted, committed to, intent upon endeared, connected, devoted. And when you say that you’re passionate about something, when you’re committed to something, there’s something divine that moves into action on your behalf. When you become devoted to an idea or an ideal, or a belief, a goal, an ambition, a desire, whatever is in your heart.

So when you give your full devotion to something, your attention, your commitment to it, everything conspires to help you get there. It is in stepping up to and making that commitment that all begins to happen to become realized. So practice devotion this week: Devoted to, a commitment, intend to… make that intention, make that devotion, make that commitment, and watch the world rise up to meet you there in that place.

All the best for living well… today.


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