WOW: Word of the Week is THRIVE!

thrive is the word of the week with angela moonan for living well today


Hey, it’s Word of the Week and this word you’ve heard me use in other context. And so I thought it’s time to let it stand on its own!

And that word is THRIVE … vigorously grow, flourish in a healthy, positive way.

Realizing your potential and your capabilities in a fulfilling way, thrive, thriving.

So as you walk through this week, if you can say,

“I AM – I embody THRIVE. I AM the epitome of thrive! I am thriving.”

And then see what you can do. See what other people show up on your path that you can help them thrive. Is there a word of encouragement, gesture of kindness that you can offer them that in some way, shape, or form helps them do the same? So here’s to your thrive and your drive and your thriving this week. Blessings for living well… today.




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