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The Symphony for Quantum Healing: Harmonizing Body and Mind Through the Science of Energy

quantum healing

In the vast orchestra of modern medical and alternative healing practices, quantum healing emerges as a mesmerizing ensemble of science and spirituality, performing a symphony where energy is both the conductor and the soloist. By channeling the theoretical frameworks of great minds like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, quantum healing presents an intriguing blend of […]

Open Sesame, “Open Says-Me”

open sesame - open says me accessing your abundance with angela moonan

“Open Sesame” In lands of tales and mysteries old, A phrase is whispered, a secret told. “Open Sesame,” the magic key, To realms unseen, where wonders be. A cave of secrets, hidden and grand, Guarded by rock and desert sand. In shadows deep, where treasures gleam, A whispered command, a mystic dream. “Open says […]

WOW: Simpatico, The Art of Harmonious Connection

simpatico the art of harmonious connection with angela moonan word of the week

Hello and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever you may celebrate! It’s the beauty of the season and everyone gets to be simpatico with one another, simpatico with their family. We hope simpatico with clients, simpatico with employees, with their lovers, their partners, their friends, their children, simpatico. So that is our word of the week, […]

WOW: Integration

integration head and heart alignment with angela moonan and the harmoney method

Hello! I am Angela for Living Well today, and it’s Word of the Week time. This week between Christmas and New Year’s, it’s always kind of a fun time. So many people are step away from their work and relax a little bit and recuperate after the Christmas or Hanukkah season. This word, I just […]

Living Well Today: Aligning Your Head and Heart

angela moonan the harmoney method aligning your head and heart for living well today

Hello, I’m Angela, and I’m going live. I am doing my Living Well today show like this today because Murphy decided to show up and I’m having some technical difficulties with Zoom. So here I am, and I decided to actually go on my page as opposed to the Living Well today page because for […]

What can you do when you triggered?

angela moonan executive coach workplace wellness getting triggered and what to do next living well today

Are you getting triggered? Welcome to everyone’s world right now! Everyone, everywhere in the world right now is experiencing the same thing. We are getting triggered by the littlest things. And our reactions are WAY BIGGER than the actual trigger itself. I’m not talking now of the mass wars and areas of conflict in the […]

Faith & Trust

faith and trust angela moonan

Hello! Faith and trust. They seemingly go hand in hand and they’re most tested in times of challenge. The greater the challenge, the greater the trust. So if you’re facing anything today in your life, in your work, in the world, that is a gauntlet of sorts, that is the time not to put more muscle […]

What are three things you can do right now to make today a “10”?

living well today have a 10 of a day good morning

Do you have a scale on which you get to rate your day? This is a tool I began using nearly a decade ago. When I started, I had a lot of 3-4-5 days. Then as I began making a more conscious effort about benchmarking the quality of my work day … The number began to […]

2023: Beautiful, Bountiful, Blessed

a new day

Can you believe that we are blessed to walk together for the year 2023? I recently sent the following note of enouragement to clients and colleagues I have the pleasure of co-creating with. Now I’m sharing with you too Friend… if you’re landing here to read this, it’s meant especially for you as well! First […]

Nature is the Best Medicine

angela moonan nature is the best medicine for living well today Nature Is The Best Medicine Welcome to Living Well Today. I’m Angela Moonan, and you’re going to be seeing me more and more in nature as I am finding my way, like everyone is, toward my better self. Nature has always played a central role in my life; even since I was a little […]

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