What can you do when you triggered?

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Are you getting triggered?

Welcome to everyone’s world right now! Everyone, everywhere in the world right now is experiencing the same thing. We are getting triggered by the littlest things. And our reactions are WAY BIGGER than the actual trigger itself. I’m not talking now of the mass wars and areas of conflict in the world. I’m talking about the day-to-day, ground level experiences in our work, in our homes with our friends, in our relationships, the smallest things.

When were you hurt before? Can you let it go?

So for example, I don’t get invited to a party. ‘Well, why didn’t I get invited to the party? Why did they ignore me? What’s wrong with me?’ It’s like, why didn’t I get picked for the team kind of thing. And the littlest triggers are actually triggering really, really deep, big things. Things that are from our past, our old story, ‘gunk’, buried way down deep somewhere — likely from when we were little, that are coming up to the surface so that we could look at them, become conscious of them, and let them go.

‘Okay, this is how I’m feeling right now. Why am I getting so triggered by this otherwise apparently very little thing?’

Let the old story fall away

Let the old story fall away so that our new, better, more empowering story can take its place in full bloom. So when you are triggered by something, examine it first. Look in the mirror. It has nothing to do with the other person or situation or whatever. That’s just the means by which it’s able to come up.

So take a look in the mirror and say, ‘Okay, this is how I’m feeling right now. Why am I getting so triggered by this otherwise apparently very little thing?’ And look at it. Reflect, go back, see if you can identify what it is that is being triggered in you, an old story… and let it go. And as soon as you let it go, it shifts. You feel better, you feel more powerful, you feel more present, you feel innervated. You’re literally lightening your load. Give it a try. I promise it works.

No One is Immune

And we’re all going through this right now on many different levels. No one is immune. Everyone’s got to go all the way around the board and they got to turn over every stone. And it’s a really good thing. It’s not always the easiest thing to do. It’s what’s necessary for living well and for letting you move to the next level of your own… Becoming.


All the best for living well… today. Much love, and bye for now!




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