WOW: When You Can Remain STEADFAST and True…

word of the week steadfast angela moonan

The word of the week is STEADFAST

STEADFAST: A firm, unwavering commitment to one’s beliefs, courage, capabilities.

While I often talk about the ability to receive, be flexible, the ‘YIN’ energy – this is the ‘YANG’ energy – knowing your own voice, knowing your own story and acting in harmony with that.

There’s a beautiful phrase from Helen Keller – stay true. Through the challenges, the obstacles, that any pursuit of beauty, there’s never a loss. Stay STEADFAST in your dreams, and who you are and who you are becoming.

Say the words aloud: “I AM Steadfast, I AM firm in my belief in myself, in my courage, in my beauty, I AM Committed to my dream, to becoming the purest version of myself I can become. I AM resilient. I AM strong. I AM Steadfast.”

All the Best, for living well… today!




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