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What can you do when you triggered?

angela moonan executive coach workplace wellness getting triggered and what to do next living well today

Are you getting triggered? Welcome to everyone’s world right now! Everyone, everywhere in the world right now is experiencing the same thing. We are getting triggered by the littlest things. And our reactions are WAY BIGGER than the actual trigger itself. I’m not talking now of the mass wars and areas of conflict in the […]

The State of YOU

angela moonan living well today the law of attraction and being the change you wish to see in the world

In a time when some say approaching life with positivity is just a ‘bunch of fluff’ – may we all consider that controlling the state of YOU is perhaps the first thing to do before trying to control or change the state of the world Welcome #livingwell #stateofyou #lawofattraction #mindfulleadership #mindfulness #mindfulliving #bethechange #createfromwithin #insidejob

Luck Favors the Prepared

preparation luck favors the prepared with angela moonan Preparation is the KEY Hello! I use quotes, sayings things from much more brilliant people than I could ever dream of being, as guides, as tools, as reminders, as teachers. And there’s a really wonderful saying about preparation that “Luck favors the prepared man and woman.” And so we are getting ready for Hurricane Ian. And while […]


word of the week angela moonan magnificent

Ready to level up your business? 🙂 Your work? Your life? Are you ready for a more MAGNIFICENT journey? ​Hello and Welcome to Living Well… Today! Sharing a wonderful word with you today, and that word is MAGNIFICENT! Beyond beautiful, truly special, amazing to behold. It’s Magnificent! Typically, when you say the word, not only does it conjure […]

We All Want These Three Things

we all want these three things

What motivated you to go to work this morning? Hopefully it’s because you love what you do.  Today and nearly every day, you wake up, welcome the sunshine, breathe deeply, and walk out the door with gratitude, ready to make a difference.   No? Well, if that’s not the case… if your motivator (you believe) […]

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