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This word is often misunderstood. The Word of the Week is: Enlighten.

Enlighten: Have a deeper wisdom, a deeper understanding and evolution of your thinking, being, doing, enlighten. A new understanding. Typically higher understanding, wiser or wisdom that is being imparted to you. Sometimes why I say it’s misunderstood is I think that people think enlightenment is some huge occurrence, and while in some cases that could be true, think of enlighten through the principle of ‘kaizen’ – incremental improvement.

This week I am going to be enlightened. I’m going to enlighten my thinking. I’m going to inform my thinking. Think of it more as deepening of a layer by layer happening. And it’s small, it’s nuance, it’s bit by bit. So in your journey to enlightenment or being enlightened is a bit by bit, step by step journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s a bit by bit, step by step, mostly nuance kind of learning or becoming.

Balancing Act: How “Enlighten” Can Transform Your Work/Life Balance

Welcome to another installment of Angela Moonan’s “Word of the Week” series on Living Well… Today! This week’s word, “enlighten,” holds a special significance, especially when discussing the often-elusive concept of work/life balance. The word itself inspires a journey into deeper understanding and clarity, which is essential in our continuous quest to lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

Understanding “Enlighten”

To “enlighten” means to give someone greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation. In the context of work/life balance, enlightening ourselves involves gaining insights into how we allocate our time and energy across various aspects of our lives. It’s about shedding light on our priorities, boundaries, and what truly matters to us.

Why Enlighten Matters in Work/Life Balance

1. Awareness: Enlightenment starts with awareness. By becoming aware of our current work and life practices, we can start to see patterns and behaviors that either contribute to or detract from our well-being.
2. Decision Making: With enlightenment, we make more informed decisions. Understanding the impacts of our choices allows us to prioritize tasks and commitments better, making sure that they align with our personal and professional goals.
3. Stress Reduction: Increased understanding leads to less confusion and chaos. When we are clear about our objectives and how to achieve them, we can reduce stress and avoid burnout.
4. Growth and Development: To enlighten is also to educate. By continually seeking knowledge on how to improve our work/life balance, we foster both personal and professional growth.

Practical Tips to ‘Enlighten’ with Your Work/Life Balance

– Reflect Regularly: Take time each week to reflect on your achievements and areas of improvement. Are you spending your time on what’s most important?
– Set Clear Boundaries: Define what times of the day and week you are working and when you are off. Stick to these boundaries to ensure you have time to recharge.
– Prioritize Your Health: Both mental and physical health should be non-negotiable. Schedule time for exercise, meditation, and other wellness activities just as you would a business meeting.
– Learn Continuously: Whether it’s reading a book, attending a workshop, or listening to a podcast, make learning a part of your daily routine to stay inspired and enlightened.
Incorporating the concept of “enlighten” into your work/life balance is more than a practice; it’s a transformation. As you seek to enlighten yourself about the best ways to balance the various aspects of your life, you not only improve your well-being but also set a foundation for sustained productivity and satisfaction.
Let’s carry the spirit of enlightenment into every aspect of our lives and witness the profound impact it has on our journey towards living well. Stay tuned for more insights and discussions here at Angela Moonan’s Living Well… Today, because words truly do matter!

So I wish you thinking that is enlightened, is becoming enlightened. I wish you an enlightenment around whatever it is you’re wanting, a deeper or meaningful understanding around for the all best, for living well… today.


All the Best,





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