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The State of YOU

angela moonan living well today the law of attraction and being the change you wish to see in the world

In a time when some say approaching life with positivity is just a ‘bunch of fluff’ – may we all consider that controlling the state of YOU is perhaps the first thing to do before trying to control or change the state of the world Welcome #livingwell #stateofyou #lawofattraction #mindfulleadership #mindfulness #mindfulliving #bethechange #createfromwithin #insidejob

WOW! Are you ready to feel LIGHTer?

angela moonan word of the week video illuminate living well today show

Word of the Week for feeling lighter and more at ease Hello, it’s Word of the Week time, and I’m Angela. Each week I offer some quick insights, something that might help you light up your day, light up your week for easier living, more joy and influence in a positive way for both yourself […]

Servant Leadership: Elevate Your Impact

servant leadership leaving a legacy angela moonan executive coach

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a wise and compassionate elder named Aria. Aria was respected by all in the village. Not for her authority or power, but for her unwavering commitment to serving others. One day, a severe drought struck the village. Fields were parched and the people anxious. There […]

Faith & Trust

faith and trust angela moonan

Hello! Faith and trust. They seemingly go hand in hand and they’re most tested in times of challenge. The greater the challenge, the greater the trust. So if you’re facing anything today in your life, in your work, in the world, that is a gauntlet of sorts, that is the time not to put more muscle […]

What Does It Mean to Be Mindful?

Word of the Week is MINDFUL 💙 Being present, intentional, understanding that all of your true power is right here right now, in this moment. It’s a word you’ve probably seen a lot in headlines lately. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on LinkedIn or Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Time Magazine. It’s everywhere. And that is […]

WOW! Word of the Week: In Any Language this is a Beautiful Word

angela moonan word of the week blessing for living well today

The WOW (Word of the Week) is BLESSING Favor, gift, in God’s favor. In any language, “blessing” conjures a feeling of contentment, assuredness, gratitude. Count Your Blessings You know the phrase “Count your blessings.” So as you walk through the week, make intentional acknowledgement of your blessings each and every one, big and small. All […]

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