What Does It Mean to Be Mindful?

Word of the Week is MINDFUL 💙 Being present, intentional, understanding that all of your true power is right here right now, in this moment.

It’s a word you’ve probably seen a lot in headlines lately. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on LinkedIn or Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Time Magazine. It’s everywhere. And that is MINDFUL.

What is mindful?

When you’re mindful about something… What exactly does that mean when you say the word? Feel that word in your body, mindful and how it has this ability to focus you in and the here and now. And that’s really what mindful this is. Being mindful is being aware, being awake, being present. What does present mean? It means that you’re not listening or thinking about something else. You’re not looking at something else. You’re right here, right now with me. That’s what mindfulness is. It means that you’re walking in intention. It means that you are centering yourself in your thoughts and presence, your physical presence, your emotional presence, your intellectual presence, that it’s in alignment and it’s in the moment.

The Art of the Moment

We talk about the art of the moment and creating a more beautiful art of the moment. More artistry in your life, in the workplace, what you’re doing with your clients, with patients, if you’re in the professional health services or holistic healing, erc. How mindful are you? You know, you’re asking people to be intentional in their work, to be focused, to typically manage more things than they ever have before. And it takes a level of mindfulness to keep your equilibrium. And we really are in a time of finding our own equilibrium and mindful that word and that meaning can help you get there, like in an instant like that. So, set your intention for the day.

Focus on being present, on being clear with your communication, listening, leaning in, paying attention, giving attention, receiving attention. And that is being mindful: Being intentional with your thoughts and how you’re directing them and keeping yourself in the present moment. Because my friends, that is the only place you have any power. There is no power in the past, only that which you give it. And there is no power in the future because the future doesn’t exist. It’s a concept, it’s a construct as the future never happens entirely the way we imagine it to be anyway.

Your Power is Right Here, Right Now

So your power is right here, right here, right now is where you can set your intention, be mindful and take action that’s in alignment with that intention. And that’s incredibly powerful. It’s the most powerful on earth, in fact. So be mindful. Practice mindfulness. It can happen in a split second. Meditation can help you get there. Writing can help you get there. Listening to a particular piece of music can help you get there.

There are some great apps out there that many more people are utilizing. Calm is one of those apps. So practice being mindful. Feel what that word feels like in your body, and I promise you that you are on the path of living well… today.

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