Faith & Trust

faith and trust angela moonan

Hello! Faith and trust. They seemingly go hand in hand and they’re most tested in times of challenge. The greater the challenge, the greater the trust. So if you’re facing anything today in your life, in your work, in the world, that is a gauntlet of sorts, that is the time not to put more muscle into it. Because that just creates more resistance, more knots, if you will. That is the time to go inside and be more still and find ease through your breath. The prana as Falli, a special woman I go to for different therapies, massage, cranial sacral work, She works with prana for healing. Using the breath, the prana to keep the muscles loose, to keep your body loose, to keep things more open, more expansive, so more light and love can ruminate faith and trust.


Trust yourself. Trust the tools that you’ve curated, the resources you have within you and all around you. Find those quiet moments. Stay present. Stay in the moment right now because that’s where your power is. That’s what you can control, and I’m with you. I’m right there with you.
God, the universe, the collective consciousness has your back. Trust in that… for living well, today.

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