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Word of the Week for feeling lighter and more at ease

Hello, it’s Word of the Week time, and I’m Angela. Each week I offer some quick insights, something that might help you light up your day, light up your week for easier living, more joy and influence in a positive way for both yourself and your life and the quality of those you touch around you. At home and at work.

The words you choose matter – and shape your story and how you experience your day.

So, the word of the week this week is:ILLUMINATE.

Illuminate, Enlighten, Light Up

Illuminate, bring light to, shine a light on. And I think in the world that we’re living in illumination, enlightening is more important than ever. How do you illuminate a conversation? How do you illuminate a topic? How do you illuminate within a relationship? Or for someone who needs lifting up? You go inward.

Enlightenment is always an inside job.

Illuminating is always an inside job. You cultivate your own ease. You cultivate the things that bring you joy. Think about the things that make you smile, that light you up. And as you walk in the world, see this week, all this week, if you can illuminate the conversation, bring levity to, bring lightness to the conversation. Bring your energy that’s resourceful, that’s kind and generous. Offer your attention, offer your light. Offer your love. Light is really love at its very essence.

Wishing you much illumination, enlightenment this week. May the sun shine brightly in whatever corner of the world that you’re in, and let your own light shine ever so brightly for all the best and living well… today.



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