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Servant Leadership: Elevate Your Impact

servant leadership leaving a legacy angela moonan executive coach

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a wise and compassionate elder named Aria. Aria was respected by all in the village. Not for her authority or power, but for her unwavering commitment to serving others. One day, a severe drought struck the village. Fields were parched and the people anxious. There […]

Your Team is a Mirror

team is your mirror, mirroring with angela moonan

JUST THE RIGHT TEAM Look around you. Perhaps you have JUST the right team of talent you’ve diligently assembled to support your vision of where you want to take your company. If so, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’ve achieved that, then you also know that team will continuously evolve in order to adapt to changing conditions from […]

Plant the Easy Seeds

executive coaching plant the easy seeds angela moonan

Transforming your company, shifting to a new level of performance, requires a new level of understanding. It’s much like transforming a garden or any landscape. First, it asks of you to imagine. Then it asks of you to have discernment about your own skill sets and choices. PLANT THE EASY SEEDS When I was a kid I […]

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