Your Team is a Mirror

team is your mirror, mirroring with angela moonan

team is your mirror, mirroring with angela moonanJUST THE RIGHT TEAM

Look around you. Perhaps you have JUST the right team of talent you’ve diligently assembled to support your vision of where you want to take your company. If so, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’ve achieved that, then you also know that team will continuously evolve in order to adapt to changing conditions from here … to there.


If you DON’T have JUST the right team of talent, or you believe there’s much potential untapped — here’s an insight you might consider. It truly is a powerful re-frame of your current scenario:

Your team, and what you see in them, acts as a powerful mirror for …

YOU. Yes You, their Leader, their visionary, their finest cheerleader.





if there’s something you see that’s lacking in a particular department, leadership staff, or frontline employee… small business, large business, it makes no matter. Rather than trying to dig in and figure out what’s missing ‘over there,’ first look inward at yourself. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What’s the gift here that’s trying to emerge in what I’m noticing?
  • What might be amiss in MYSELF that’s causing me to notice this in that person or situation in the first place?
  • What might I be, do, or have, that could help shift the situation positively?
  • Do I at times exhibit similar behaviors or prone to similar beliefs as this person I’m finding fault with?

If you first pause, imagining that person or situation as a mirror back to you for your OWN lesson, your OWN gift…
often in that simple re-frame, light is shed. A new perspective is gained, Higher empathy engages within you. You’re then coming from a place of offering, inspiration, insight for that employee. You first did if for yourSELF.

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