Plant the Easy Seeds

executive coaching plant the easy seeds angela moonan

Transforming your company, shifting to a new level of performance, requires a new level of understanding. It’s much like transforming a garden or any landscape. First, it asks of you to imagine. Then it asks of you to have discernment about your own skill sets and choices.


When I was a kid I would see my grandmother’s garden and imagine having my own one day. One day I asked her if she would plant more roses because I loved their smell. She said, “Roses are not easy. Look here at these daisies… THESE are easy. True, they don’t have the scent of a rose. But they grow like wildfire and I barely have to touch them!” She knew then what it took me so many years to learn myself, that in order to have something beautiful and worthwhile, it doesn’t mean it must be hard.

The corporate world assumes that moving to the next level of prosperity means pouring in more and more sweat equity. You know the saying “no pain, no gain.” As it applies to most things in life, I must disagree. The clients I work with are learning, as did I, that driving harder, pushing harder, striving harder, selling harder, marketing harder, working harder, at some point no longer translates and may kill you and others in the process. Knowing that, what if you decided to begin your company’s transformation with greater ease, with LESS sweat equity, and instead, plant daisies.

Are you ready to play a leading role in helping your company BLOOM?

CALL ME and we’ll illuminate the garden path that’ll take you where you want to go, the easier way.  Begin Today!

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