We All Want These Three Things

we all want these three things

we all want these three thingsWhat motivated you to go to work this morning?

Hopefully it’s because you love what you do.  Today and nearly every day, you wake up, welcome the sunshine, breathe deeply, and walk out the door with gratitude, ready to make a difference.   No? Well, if that’s not the case… if your motivator (you believe) was so you could collect a paycheck for those bills you need to pay, maybe you’ll take a moment to think (and feel) about why you do what you do.

When you distill all your wants and needs down, here’s really what we’re all motivated by:

1) We want to feel connected:  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, YouTube… and a thousand other examples prove this to be true.

2) We need to experience progress (ideally, every day).  Even the finest athletes in the world are not fully ‘actualized’ – they continually strive for progress, reinvent themselves, seek out the best coaches and mentors = all for PROGRESS.


3) we want to be a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves.  Ask any CEO who’s leading a successful team, and Vision and Transformation are part of the corporate culture and are the most important driving forces.

Realize it may well be time to use where you are as a stepping stone to where you truly need and want to be.

So quickly back to that question of what motivated you to go to work today:  If you find yourself feeling more like the latter (to collect a paycheck)  re-read #1-3 above.  Realize that it may well be time to use where you are as a stepping stone to where you truly need and want to be.  Once you decide you’re ready to open a new door, the opportunity to align with your true purpose will present itself as if by magic.  That’s a promise.

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