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ocean sunset

ocean sunset“Are you a Maker or a Taker?”

There are Makers in this world, and there are Takers. You know them, the energy vampires.  When they walk into the room, they suck the light, the energy out of the room almost immediately.  How does that work? Then there are those who light up a room as if by magic.  Things blossom around them.  They live a ‘charmed’ life so it seems.  And let’s face it… you just FEEL BETTER when they’re in the room.

If you fall into the first camp… if you think you might be an energy vampire, how do you transfer and transmute more energy to those around you rather than take… and take? And if you WANT to add energy to every conversation, every engagement, how do you ensure you’re able to transcend and take what you ‘DO’ to the next level?
Begin with your beliefs.When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  FACT:  You CAN rewire your brain.  This means a change in your belief system.  So you have to know what a Maker’s mindset is yes?

If you hold these five beliefs, you are a MAKER:

#1 Belief   You follow The Golden Rule: Do unto others as …..  As simplistic as this sounds (and it is that simple), imagine the world if everyone treated everyone else with the ultimate kindness and carefulness we ourselves long for everyday.
#2 Belief   What you ‘send out’ comes back to you, tenfold.  For every action there is a reaction ~ somewhere, sometime, somehow.  You either believe this is true, or you don’t.  There’s no middle ground on this one.
#3 Belief   Your purpose while here is to PROGRESS.  Does that progress come through creating insights and ideas? Creating art? Do you build things? Do you make connections that move people ahead? Are you a mentor? Through mentoring others, you too learn and move up.  What are you manifesting, or are you idling? Idling is necessary when moving from ‘here to there.’  At some point onward and upward progress is your destiny.  Always.
#4 Belief   You ARE the answer.  In each moment, you are enough.  What does that mean? When someone needs what you make, what you can give, needs your counsel, your energy, you’re more than enough.  Even when you have to reach out to someone else to get a specific answer for that customer, that friend, a colleague, a student of yours… you connect them to what they need and want.  You ARE the answer. As a Maker, the trick is to know when to accept support, help, energy from others and the world around you.  This is part of giving to yourself first.

#5 Belief   In order for there to be ‘US’ there must first always be ‘I.’  “I am worthy of the finest love and energy I can imagine.  I give that to myself.”  You, your health and well-being, your own energy, comes first.  If you don’t invest first in yourself, you’ve got less and less to give until there’s simply nothing left.  You before your company, your employees? Yes. You before your children? Yes.  You before all others.  You can only be and stay a Maker, if you give to yourself first.

No more Energy Vampires!As a Taker, there will come a time when your energy fund has run dry because you’ve contributed nothing to ‘the kitty.’ So start today.  Start right now.

The next room you walk into… before you enter, do a self-check.  “Am I ready to make the room light up in all the right ways?” If you’re not, don’t bother entering.  If you are and you accept the role of Maker? You’ll be amazed at the level of response, support, engagement you get from your employees, your colleagues, your spouse, your kids.  That’s a promise.



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