WOW: Two Words for this Week! “I AM”

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Hello, it’s Word of the Week time. And rather than a singular word, I’d like you to consider a phrase that’s really powerful for lots of reasons, and you may have heard it, and it is simply this. Are you ready?


I am. I am … That. That I AM So just as you go through your day, week, month, If there’s something you’re desiring, if there’s something that feels like it’s missing, you feel like you have a want and need, imagine that you already ARE that. Not that you have it, that you ARE it.

What Do You Want to Become, to Manifest?

So, “I want more money.” And that has value, right? It has a worth. It has a value. So whatever that worth or feeling is that you’re going to have, when you have more money, ease, peace, joy, adventure, whatever it is, can you replace that and say, I AM THAT Whatever ‘that’ is, ” I AM value, I am worth. I am that. That I am.”

Do You Want Better Health?

If it’s happiness, if it’s health, if it’s wellbeing, ” I AM well. I am that. That I am. I am well. I am well. I am that. That I am.” So be it.” “Amen.” And so it is, which affirms it, which tells your brain sends new signals, a new story to the brain to say, you ARE ‘THAT’.

Believe it.

All the best, for living well… today!




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