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words matter the word of the week is radiance shining your light in a room or wherever you go with angela moonan creator of the harmoney method

So I am here to do word of the week! I’m outside. It’s glorious. The roses are blooming, the birds are singing, and I do hope that you are somewhere where you can be out in nature and recharge from the sun, some kind of sun somewhere. Something on your skin. On your face.

The word of this week is RADIANCE!

Shining brightly with a glow. Shining with a glow. Beyond normal… Beyond normal, in your light, intense, intensified, light focused flight. Radiance, glowing.

Where you walk today, this week, whatever room you walk into, whatever meeting you go into, whatever conversation you’re having, can you bring radiance to that space? Can you shine? Can you shine from within? And if you’re feeling depleted, you’re feeling down, you’ve been beaten up a little bit. Get yourself out in nature. Spend time with the birds and the bees and the animals and the green and the flowers. If you can get near some and soak it up.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Recharge so that your light can shine. Wishing you all the radiance, feel it. “I AM radiance. I AM radiating love and light and kindness, and patience.” All the things that you desire for yourself. When you put those out in the world, they’re more likely to come back to you.

Much love…

All the best for living well… today!




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