WOW: Word of the Week is GRACE

word of the week is ease and GRACE angela moonan

Word of the Week is GRACE!

Sometimes a womans’ name, sometimes an act – saying ‘Grace’ before a meal…

Hello, it’s Word of the Week time, and I offer this word to you. Are you ready? 🙂 – I think it’s a beautiful word, sometimes seen and heard as a woman’s name. Sometimes it’s an act, a prayer offering grace before a meal, thanking God for the bounty. So, the word of the week is grace. And when we say God’s favor, that could mean compassion, serenity, peace within you, grace and elegance, as they say, an ease, a beautiful ease. Well, really, the essence of grace is God’s love and God’s favor. Can you walk through this week feeling graceful? Grace-full 🙂 “I am I walking in the world with grace, with ease and grace. Am I offering a kind smile?” You can ask yourself, “Am I being mindful with my words? Am I being gracious, kind, polite, respectful, soft?”

So soften your immediate reaction or trigger to respond to someone in a negative way by using grace, by using love and God’s favor and ease. And you’ll have a more graceful week and you’ll feel more graceful.

Wishing You God’s Favor

You’ll feel more at ease, more at peace. Much love for living well today. I’m Angela. Wishing you God’s favor, a beautiful ease… the essence of GRACE is God’s love, God’s favor. Walking in and with GRACE. Ease and GRACE – am I offering a kind smile, mindful with my words, respectful, ‘gracious,’ soft… Softening your immediate reaction to all things and you’ll feel more grace-filled this week… for living well, today!

All the Best, 




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