Nature is the Best Medicine

angela moonan nature is the best medicine for living well today

Nature Is The Best Medicine

Welcome to Living Well Today. I’m Angela Moonan, and you’re going to be seeing me more and more in nature as I am finding my way, like everyone is, toward my better self. Nature has always played a central role in my life; even since I was a little kid, I remember exploring the hills. You know, it’s funny, I visited them not that long ago where I grew up and they seemed like mountains back then, and they’re just little re-rolling hills, but they seemed just as special in a different way. Looking back what they gave me, they gave me retreat. They gave me solace. They gave me comfort, support, inspiration, adventure, curiosity. They fostered so many things, all those paths and woods and creeks, wandering creeks, rolling hills…
I remember there was this spring, like a natural fed spring. People would come from all over to get their water there because the water was so good.

The Well Spring Within Us

And, you know, the well spring, we have access to that all the time within ourselves. The wellspring within us. And I’ve been going through some pretty rough after. There was a lot of cleanup, like places with Hurricane Ian. I am so blessed versus what so many others are tragically going through or have experienced down in southwest Florida.  I had a car accident. I’ve got some health stuff in family, not for me, but with family.  So lots of speed bumps lately, and I’m finding that being out in nature is lifting me UP. There was this little bird sitting on her perch this morning. I just watched her and she just hung out forever. It seemed like, I didn’t know if maybe she ran into the window or something, she was a little bit stunned but she eventually flew away. I think that’s a little bit metaphor for me right now! I’ve flown into a few windows, and I think the power within us, the wellspring within us, shows us if we can just breathe and come back to center, it shows us that we will spring anew again.

A New Day

There will be a new day as a friend said to me the other day, A new day. So today is a new day, and I’m encouraging you to step out into nature, to take in her beauty, to remind yourself of the wellspring within. Find that place that was special to you as a child. That was a retreat, a place to heal, to just be with no other distractions and go there, go to that place. And, I think that that’s a great lesson for living well right here and now. Today be well, and all the best. XOXO Angela     |  AM  |

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