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when youm can abide life gets easier word of the week angela moonan

When You Can Abide

I’m sharing a really powerful word with you today, and that word is abide. And there’s a tendency to think of, ‘Oh, I’m going to abide by the rules’, meaning comply. And I guess there’s an essence of compliance in the word abide. I frame it a little differently, which I think for me anyway, makes all the difference in the world.

Abiding in, for example, abiding in the circumstances that you’re in. Accepting, working with, trusting, giving into, and allowing. There’s great power in allowing something, aligning with something, abiding with or abiding in. Abiding in love. The give and take and a relationship where someone doesn’t have to lose in order for someone else to gain. But there’s a working with, and I think that we’re living in a world now where abiding, in allowing, walking with, working with is really vital. It’s a vital component to all of our peace.

Knowing Your Truth

Because when you have a tug of war and you have someone that’s right and someone that’s wrong according to who, because certainly from that person’s perspective, they feel very right. They feel very certain about their belief or their position. But if you can abide in or accept all that is knowing your own true path, abidance or abiding in accepting, living, in living with trusting, it’s really a beautiful thing. So that’s the word for today. I’m wishing you, I am abiding in your love, abiding in God’s love, the Universe’s love, and all that is the beauty around me. Abiding in that beauty, aligning and accepting that beauty and the gifts that are in my life. And I’m wishing that for you today as well.

All the best for living well… today. Much Love,


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