Seeing with New Eyes

Discovery is not always about seeking new horizons. It’s about seeing with new eyes.

​Hi and Welcome! Welcome to my backyard. We were doing some filming today, including some storytelling around some really wonderful tools that we use for well-being. You may know that I use certain mindfulness tools in the workplace and resources in the workplace. Well, there are also tools and resources for your mind, body, and your mind, wellness, mindfulness at home and with your family. That’s what we were going through today. So it inspired me to take a moment and share a story. And you may have heard at one point there’s a saying that to see with fresh eyes, to see, with new eyes, you know, can you challenge yourself to not necessarily always seek a new horizon, but to see with fresh eyes, new eyes. And through that process you can change your life. You can shift your life upward to a more peaceful place, an easier place, a more joyous place.

There Are Going To Be Storms

In the human experience, whether at work or at home, regardless of the relationship, there are going to be storms. In fact, one’s headed our way right now, I think it’s coming across the state of Florida from the Gulf Coast. There are going to be storms. I have a tidal creek that runs all the way around the property. So preparation is key. And you know I’m confident. I trust that I can weather the storm. I trust I can weather any storm, and that always, all things are always working out. So regardless of where you’re at, at work or home, that trust and seeing with fresh eyes can bring you a whole new perspective in shifting into a better place of resourcefulness, empowerment, ease, intention. This includes the way you present yourself to your employees or your colleagues; whether it’s a speech at a gala, it doesn’t really matter. In order to be in that place of new eyes, seeing where you stand in the center of the universe is really powerful. And so I encourage you to think about taking a look at things anew, with a new perspective.

Seeing With New Eyes

How do you do that? How do you look at things with a new perspective? Well, you get in a place of quietness. You get in a place of something that brings you beauty, that creates beauty in your life. In this case, my backyard is my sanctuary. But nature and being at one with nature, being immersed in it, being a part of it, running water, the breezes sound of the ocean, anywhere there’s stillness will do. Stepping into nature’s a powerful, gentle, yet, impactful action. The gift from nature can bring you into the place of that newness, of refreshment, refreshed, renewed eyes, and looking for the gifts. And this is a pattern I repeat often, looking for the gifts, looking for the gifts.

Looking For The Gifts, Find What You Go Looking For

So seeing the beauty, seeing life with an artist’s eye, that’s what we’re doing here. You don’t have to be an artist to see life with an artist’s eye. What it really means, seeing with an artist’s eye, is looking for the beauty, looking for the gift. And you know, you find what you go looking for. Always, always consciously or unconsciously, you find what you go looking for. So find the beauty today. Look with new eyes, with fresh perspective. Get yourself into nature, out of the office, out from behind the computer, out of your car, and into nature. And my promise to you is when you do that, you will feel renewed, which brings you fresh perspective, which allows you to see more beauty in your life, which shifts you UP! and gives you more ease and joy and contentment, uncertainty, trusting in the beauty and the gifts and the miracles around us.

Alright, that’s it for now Friends, for Living Well today. I wish you all the best.


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