Higher Vibes: Be a Tuning Fork for God

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Welcome to Living Well… Today.

Hi, and welcome to Living Well Today. I’m Angela Moonan. I have shared a lot of my music over the years and the things that make me sing, things that make me whistle. My daughter’s always irritated with how much I’m whistling I do! lol I’m not conscious of it most of the time. She helps me become conscious of it.

We’re in the holiday season and there’s just all this beautiful holiday music. I just went to see Andrea Bocelli actually in Savannah, Georgia, which was magical. What a gift to us all is he. And I I can imagine for those who do not sing, I’ve heard this often throughout my life, “oh, if I could only sing, if I could only sing well.” There is something that you do, are, am that  God is using you as a tuning fork.

We Are All Resonating, All of the Time

That’s how I think of myself. So me literally, I think of a tuning fork because of my music. Because of my voice. But you know how when you clink a tuning fork, it vibrates, it resonates. We are all resonating, all of the time. And it’s moving into a conscious realization of that that helps you find ease and joy and live more intentionally for living well today. Um, So I am encouraging you to find that thing. Find your voice. Find that gift, that expression of creativity. It could be in the way you decorate your home and you show beauty that way. It could be through music, whether through vocally or through an instrument. It could be through art, painting, photography, gardening, woodworking. It could be through motivational speaking. If you lead a team, your ability to inspire people. I offer you this: The next room you walk into… before you walk in, envision yourself as a tuning fork. That tuning fork from fifth grade band! And you’re going to resonate at that which you want to feel and experience.

What does JOY feel like? What does JOY sound like?

So if I want to feel joy, I have have to be joy. Well, what does joy feel like? What does it sound like? Laughter, smiles, your face lit up and lifted up. Your posture, your body, lifted up. The words that you’re choosing. We’ve talked about the power of words. If you want to feel love, be love. What if you could articulate what love resonates at, what it vibrates at? Do you think it’s at a low vibration or do you think it’s at a high vibration? It’s the highest vibration there is. So think about that. I am attuning fork. I’m a tuning fork for God, collective consciousness, the universe, however you wish to express it. Express it for yourself. And you don’t have to be a singer. If you are, then you have a direct connection to that. And it’s super, super easy. You don’t have to use metaphor at all If you’re a musician, even moreso if you’re a singer.

Wherever You Walk, Wherever You Go, Wherever You Are

It means that wherever you walk, wherever you go, wherever you are, you are resonating and expressing through you. God is expressing through you. And so God wants you, as your body wants you, and your heart wants you, to resonate higher and higher and higher. My promise to you is that if you practice this, “I am a tuning fork for God. What does that feel like? How would I like to express that?” That it’ll become easier and easier for living well today?

Much love. Bye for now. Wishing you all the best,


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