Can You Receive?

Angela Moonan the art of receiving

Learning to Receive is Vital for the Divine Feminine

The power of words. Are these blog posts helping you to begin to understand the power of words?

Welcome to Living Well… Today. I’m Angela Moonan. The words we choose matter. Words have the power to transform. And I’ve talked about this word actually before in other context, but a new word I’d like you to think about if you can, is the word RECEIVE. And this is particularly for women but men I think have their challenges sometimes in this too. RECEIVE… what does that word mean? What does it feel like?

Willingness to Accept, To Be Open to the Gifts

Receive is your willingness to accept, to be open to the gifts, to be gifted. And as women, we have been taught over the last, in my lifetime anyway, support yourself. And yes, that is true. You want to be of your own power, your own support, your own best support. Uh, but there is also this beauty and balance in your willingness to receive. And if you’re  tendency is to push away, ask yourself this. The next time someone says, “Oh, I can do that for you.” Or they present you this beautiful gift, and your response is, “Oh, no, no, no, no, that’s okay,” or “Oh, you didn’t have to.” Well, no, they didn’t have to, but they wanted to! Allow them to experience the beauty and the energy of exchange.

For Mothers Especially

And so as Moms as well, we tend to give, give, give, give, give. And somewhere in that line, we are last. But you know, if you can consider yourself, half of the time anyway in your life, to be in a position of receivership, there’s great beauty and great elegance and great ease waiting for you in that place. And it also gives others around you that care about you or maybe even strangers, the opportunity to give. You know what it feels like when you give, It’s a good feeling! You don’t give necessarily to get something back. And that’s not what I’m talking about. And I’m not, not also talking about taking. There’s
a very distinct difference between taking something and receiving something. And you can even feel that difference in your body.

Practice For a World of Cooperation

So as you go about your day, your weekend, your week, practice receivership, be open to the gifts, be open to support. We are living in a world of cooperation. The new world requires it of us more than ever. Cooperation, connection, collaboration. And in order to be in that best place for that to unfold, you need to also walk with your feet in giving, and walk in that world of receiving. So practice, receive… receivership. Receive the light, the love, the beauty, the ease, the joy, the gifts.

I’m wishing you all the best. I’m offering that to you. I’m sending you my love, my ease, my joy, and I hope that you’re receiving it.

So all the best. And here’s to living well… today.


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