Luck Favors the Prepared

preparation luck favors the prepared with angela moonan

Preparation is the KEY

Hello! I use quotes, sayings things from much more brilliant people than I could ever dream of being, as guides, as tools, as reminders, as teachers. And there’s a really wonderful saying about preparation that “Luck favors the prepared man and woman.” And so we are getting ready for Hurricane Ian. And while I’ve adjusted over the last several years of being more tolerant of it and not panicking quite as much as an upstate New Yorker might do, initially when you start hearing hurricane, I mean they have hurricane parties down here in Florida! So, I have two homes now that I have to prepare for. So preparation is key. So this is what we’re going through right now. Everything’s covered, everything’s pulled out of the lanai or you’ll see the ropes tied down. The fur babies are like, ‘What’s going on mama?’ LOL.

At the other house, I have a team up there and they’re pulling the garden statues, potted plants, furniture, all that stuff up into the sheds. The point of all of this, and some of the responses have been “Oh, it won’t be anything. It won’t be anything.” And it may well not be, but I certainly would prefer to be prepared, put the little extra work in, in advance. So that if luck does play a role, and I believe on some level it always does, it will favor me because I have met it where it needed me to meet it. And that is in good preparation.

So, those lessons can be applied to your work, your business, certainly your home and your wallet… all of those things. So being prepared is key, because luck favors us when we are.

Sending much luck and blessings your way today for wherever you live in the world, and wherever you’re at on the journey for living well… today.

All the Best!



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