WOW! Word of the Week: Amazing!

word of the week angela moonan amazing

In the service of others and for your finest Self… look for and appreciate all that is AMAZING.

>> Feel it in your body – shift your life by shifting the words you’re using to tell your story.

Hello! Welcome to Living Well… Today. I’m Angela Moonan and I’m going to leave the comfort of my chair today that
you’re used to seeing me in for the Word of the Week, and I’m going to take you on a journey to demonstrate the word that I want to share with you today. So here we go….

This is my wonderful, backyard retreat. And this is where I go to reinvigorate. Actually the house is in the midst of getting painted this really beautiful cream right now. It’s beautiful the way it is… the House of Bricks, you know, strength, I love it. But iterations, right? So the cream is an iteration and upgrade. My backyard captures the essence of the Word of the Week! See the bamboo? Which is of course for prosperity, it’s just wonderful! The word of the week is AMAZING! So as I walk through my space and I reflect on the blessings in my life, as well as the work that’s gone into creating this, I just say amazing. I say “Amazing God, amazing!”

In Cooperation With Others

Absolutely amazing. “Aren’t I amazing what I’m capable of doing in cooperation with others?” You know, I have a team of people that help me keep this looking so amazing and help me do what I do every day and give and offer to the world what I can, in the ways that I do best. And we all have different gifts. Amazing, amazing. So when you say the word AMAZING, you cannot be grumpy! So the whole premise of this is shifting your life by shifting your mood, one amazing moment at a time.

Nature Is The Antidote

Nature is always, always, always the antidote. So… What in your life can you say, Wow, isn’t that amazing? Can you walk through a small garden nearby your home, a park, a creek, somewhere beautiful, peaceful, quiet… a local library that’s got gorgeous architecture… AMAZING! And you say the word out loud so you can hear and feel it vibrate in your body. Find a little path. Find a path, find something in nature. If you have more than one dog, look at how your animals or your cats, your pets, your fur babies, watch how they interact with one another. How they lead their lives, how they carry themselves. We learn a lot from our animals, and not just our domesticated ones either.

Amazing! That’s our Word of the Week. And I want you to take stock of the things that you’ve created that others have helped you create the beauty that surrounds you for living well… today. And that’s my promise. My hope for you is that through using these words, through using these quick insights, three, four minutes a week, that they can shift your day, shift your mood, and ultimately I’ll add it UP! and shift your life.

Wishing you all the best…

Bye for now and Much Love,


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