Open Sesame, “Open Says-Me”

open sesame - open says me accessing your abundance with angela moonan

open sesame - open says me accessing your abundance with angela moonan

“Open Sesame”

In lands of tales and mysteries old,
A phrase is whispered, a secret told.
“Open Sesame,” the magic key,
To realms unseen, where wonders be.
A cave of secrets, hidden and grand,
Guarded by rock and desert sand.
In shadows deep, where treasures gleam,
A whispered command, a mystic dream.
angela moonan living well today show episode 21 open sesame accessing your abundance
“Open says – me,” the words unfold,
A chant of power, a story untold.
Echoes through time, a magical plea,
Unveiling secrets, setting spirits free.
Sesame, the seed, in whispers we sow,
A promise of entrance, a pathway to go.
Through gates of enchantment, the portals swing,
Revealing treasures, like a mystical spring.
Golden doors swing wide, revealing the way,
To realms of wonder, where dreams hold sway.
Cascading like rivers, through cavernous sea,
“Open says – me,” the incantation decree.
A dance with echoes, in moonlight’s soft glow,
A symphony of whispers, where legends grow.
Through the veil of time, the words decree,
“Open says – me,” a magical key.
So let the syllables weave their spell,
Unlock the stories that history tells.
In the language of enchantment, let it be,
“Open says – me,” for eternity.
– Angela Moonan   {AM}

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