WOW: Word of the Week It’s All About the Delicate Distinctions

word of the week is nuance with angela moonan for living well today

The Delicate Distinctions

Welcome to the Word of the Week. Every week I offer a word that has a particular vibration, has a certain level of energy to it that can help you shift your story, and in turn, therefore shift your life. So this word is a beautiful word, and I’ve tended to use it more and more. Nuance. Nuance is the word of the week. And nuance means subtleties, slight differences, discernments, delicate distinctions. And in this tapestry of life, of ours, on planet earth, nuance can often mean even though it’s a small distinction, a small difference generally can mean a big impact in terms of its significance of how it’s interpreted this way or that way, just by that slight shift, slight change. And that’s our life. Oftentimes, we think it’s big leaps and big shifts that move us up to the next level.

And while that can be true sometimes, and that is in Japanese, I had this on older website, that definition I use often or have used in the past is SATORI. Big aha moments, big shifts. But there’s another word in Japanese called KENSHO. And KENSHO is the slight progression that maybe no one notices right away because it’s so slight, and may at times seem insignificant. But over the course of time, this is the principle also of 1% a week, over the course of the next 52 weeks, you’re 52% better than you were. So, nuance. Notice the nuances in our lives, the subtleties, the delicate distinctions. And while sometimes you make big decisions, most of our life is made up of the little choices day to day, the little nuances, the little subtleties of life, the little beauties of life. So notice the nuances throughout your work and throughout your day, and with your relationships and in love and light, all of those things, and wishing you beautiful nuances for living well today.

Love and Nuances, Angela



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