Aligning With Your Higher Self

angela moonan align your head and heart and alignment with your higher self for living well today

This is a true true story:

Two mornings ago I had one of those 4 AM dreams where you wake up and it’s close to morning, but not late enough to get up yet… So you fall back to sleep – and when I did I had a dream. I dreamed I was dancing with myself, walked around the dance floor, holding myself as my partner. And the other me said back to me I just wanted to be held. “I just want to be loved.” And I responded to me… “I am holding you. I am loving you.” And then I woke up.  Integration. Alignment. Wholeness. The wholeness of me. You are always your best partner. You can hold you. You can love you. 🫶🏼 And when you do, you are living well… today.

You’re invited to experience wholeness unfolding through The Harmoney Method for harmonizing your work, life, and bank accounts.

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