Word of the Week: TRUST

Angela Moonan word of the week learning to find EASE

The word of the week is TRUST. This can be a tough one for some. 

Trust that all is working out. Trust that everyone that is on your path is there for a reason and showing up right on time. Trust that everything has a time and a purpose and a season under heaven. So as you go through the week, think about trusting yourself, trusting your choices, trusting in the relationships that you’ve cultivated, trusting in the work and the energy and the effort, and the love and the passion and the fire in your heart that you’ve put into everything to get you to where you are. Reflect on that. Build on that. You are wholly capable.

​You don’t need more letters after your name. You don’t need another course certification. You don’t need another degree. Everything that you have, trust is enough. Trust me on that. 

For living well… today.

Much love to you. I trust you.



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