WOW! Word of the Week: RESILIENCE

word of the week is resilience with angela moonan for living well today

Resilience for Living Well… Today!

It’s WOW Time! Word of the Week. This word I think, has been demonstrated by so many of us these days in particular. But I believe that it’s one of the finest things that you can continue to cultivate within yourself. And it can only be strengthened, it can only be cultivated by experiencing it, by going through it. And so that word is: RESILIENCE.

“I am resilient. I have resilience.”

What does that mean? The ability to bounce back, the capability of being elastic, of being able to be bendable and be able to work through the challenges presented to me. The capacity to absorb and come through on the other side, to rise up, to expand, to strengthen as a result of the challenges put before you.

Ingredients for Resilience

Trust and faith are ingredients. Courage certainly is an ingredient in resilience, all wrapped into that one wonderful word and wonderful practice.

I’m wishing you a great amount of resilience in all that you do in your relationships, in your work, in the world, in the challenges that life may present you from time to time. And sometimes those times will seem more on top of one another, and sometimes you’ll feel greater ease. But through those challenging times, trust that you are actually being strengthened. You are being fortified as a result of your resilience, and you only can become bigger and wiser and more beautiful as a result.

All the Best, for living well… today!




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