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Just as musical notes blend together to create a magnificent symphony, your money requires a blending and balance with your heart and your head. In order to write the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard… you have to know the notes to play. How to rehearse. What ways to practice. How to perform. What’s the most memorable concert you’ve ever been to? Take that experience and magnify it by 100x! That’s what you feel over and over again once you learn The Harmoney Method.

Welcome to The Harmoney Method!

Your simple, yet powerful, step-by-step, straightforward tool for harmonizing your life, work, and bank accounts for Living Well… Today! Now that you’re here and you’re ready… the intricate rhythms of intention and affirmation, love and joy, clarity and certainty, practice and persistence, all create for you: Harmoney!

Created by Angela Moonan, incorporating The Harmoney Method gives you an easy, insightful weekly lesson for the next (8) eight weeks. You’ll carry this method with you for the remainder of your days, and I hope, invite others to learn and play it too! Are you ready?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Journal for your Exercises and Money Affirmations
  • Open Mind + Open Heart
  • Trust

Within each lesson you’ll:

A) Watch a Video Story,

B) Do an Exercise, and finally, a powerful

C) Guided Meditation

Hi, Welcome! I’m Angela, creator of The Harmoney Method and your guide for the next eight weeks. Here’s a story that may sound familiar to you…


“The Art of the Money Struggle”

When I was a little girl, we didn’t have much. My parents were very young when they got pregnant for me, 16 years old. They committed to one another and got married at 17 years old. That’s tremendous courage, really. They learned very early on ‘the money struggle.’ They learned from their parents, and their parents, and their parents, that ‘money didn’t grow on trees.’ They learned money was ‘very, very hard to come by’, that there was this limited pie that they needed to ‘get their slice of’, and it was going to ‘come at a price and great struggle and difficulties.’ They mastered the Art of the Money Struggle. So, I did too. Until I met my first Mentor who was a multi-millionaire. At that time, millionaires were much more rare than they are today. One by one, I read whatever he’d read. I went to seminar after seminar. Hired a coach. Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over nearly twenty years. I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do. With limited success. I never really got it until I integrated each and every aspect of what you’re about to learn.

The ‘money is a struggle,’ ‘money is hard to come by,’ stories are what I grew up with. Does that sound familiar to you?

The Harmoney Method is a culmination of all the things that I’ve learned that’s taken me from poverty, to living a life that’s prosperous and abundant. And I’m still moving UP, note by note, experience by experience. In my day to day life, the experiences that I have are beautiful, and they’re perfect for me. And my wish for you, my dream for you is that you find that similar ease.

The intention is for you to find your own path to harmonizing your relationship with money so that you feel there’s always enough. And when you hit that bump in the road, that you trust you’ve got the resources and the method to bring you right back to center, and right back to beauty and prosperity. It’s not only possible, it’s my PROMISE.

So eight weeks, eight lessons. You and me. Are you ready to get started?

Let’s put The Harmoney Method to work you and get Living Well… Today!

>> Please Watch this Quick Video about the Power of Words! as this is an essential tool in your toolbelt for thriving!



Harmonize your life, work, and bank accounts for Living Well… Today

The Harmoney Method is a powerful, straightforward method for harmonizing your life, work, and bank accounts. Created by Angela Moonan, Angela guides you, through 8 weekly lessons… through the intricate rhythms of intention and affirmation, love and joy, clarity and certainty, practice and persistence, which will create your own personal harmoney for life.

Each week you’ll use the Harmoney videos, Harmoney journaling exercises, and Harmoney Meditations to:

  • Harmonize your relationship with money and get money flowing TO you
  • Gain trust and clarity to keep money easy in your life
  • Transform the “Money Struggle” into “Money Magic”
  • Invest in yourself for lasting results
  • Create your own path to beauty and prosperity


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