WOW: Integration

I am Angela for Living Well today, and it’s Word of the Week time. Today, we’re talking about INTEGRATION!

This week between Christmas and New Year’s, it’s always kind of a fun time. So many people are step away from their work and relax a little bit and recuperate after the Christmas or Hanukkah season. This word, I just did a video about a dream that I had, and the word of this week is integration. Integration.

What does that mean when we think about it in terms of technology and the workplace and integration with AI and all of those things, but what does it mean for you as a human, for us as human beings? Integration, the bringing together, the consolidation, the integrating or bringing together of different things to cooperate, to work together, to be whole, to be complete, to create some completion and alignment, aligning different parts of us integration.

As you walk in the world, you think of wearing one mask or wearing one hat for this job, or when you’re with your family or this person, when you’re with this friend, your maybe different person. So for me, integration means the bringing together of the different aspects of you in alignment to be one whole person and to be the same person no matter where you walk in the world.

When you have that alignment, when you have that synergy, that wholeness, you take your own personal power to a whole new level, and your energy is more efficient, it’s more focused, it’s more authentic, it’s more complete, it’s more whole.

All the Best, for Living Well… Today



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