WOW: Find Time to Celebrate!

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Word of the Week

Happy Holidays! It’s word of the week time for living well… today.

I am Angela, and this word is quite appropriate for this time of year. And the word is JUBILATION!

Overjoyed, celebration, exultation, ultimate happiness and ease and peace and laughter. Jubilation, excitement, excitedness!

So while there is much turmoil and trouble and challenge in the world, if we can find within ourselves a measure of jubilation, a measure of our joy, a way in which to say thank you for those blessings that I do have, that my family has, that my company has. Thank You. And thank you for me being able to see the joy, to experience it, to express it, and to emanate it. Because otherwise, the alternative to that is disempowering. So, jubilation. Find the joy, find something to celebrate.

Walk in the world this week looking for those gifts, looking for those places to celebrate: In people, to celebrate and the blessings in your life. To celebrate and to be jubilant about.

Wishing you much jubilation and celebration this week as we head into headstrong, into the celebration of Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year. Much love to you. Blessings jubilation, celebrate!

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Blessings Be,



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