Right Place, Right Time

angela moonan living well today if its meant to be

angela moonan living well today if its meant to beTo say that 2020 was a difficult year for most, if not all of us, is a bit of an understatement. And yet here we are… stronger and wiser because of it. We’ve learned so much about ourselves, our Spirit, our Heart, our employees, our neighbors and friends. Turning over rocks to see what’s underneath, letting the light shine on it, is a necessary part of transforming anything. Whether it’s your business, or your Self, taking a long look at what needs up-leveling is a healthy and necessary thing. Even though it may not feel like it when you’re going through it!

Timing and Preparation

There’s an old saying that “Timing is everything.” I’m not certain it’s everything but it certainly has its’ place in realizing what we need to wake up to for our own evolution. Some say that ‘luck’ plays a big role – maybe your business was in air filtration or pharmaceuticals. Or in the case of ‘bad luck’ your business was part of the service sector and simply couldn’t survive the pandemic restrictions. There’s another saying “Luck favors the prepared man.”  Even with 6 months of reserves, I’m not sure anyone could have anticipated what we’ve experienced this year on a global scale.

Hard Lessons

Controlling what you can control and letting the rest go. That was the biggest lesson for me and one that I worked with clients diligently on this year.  Your resilience as a leader, a father or mother, a changemaker, creates new muscle memory. Adapting and becoming leaner, more effective, more appreciative of the gifts and blessings that perhaps we took for granted… all make you a more complete and impactful human being.

Right Place, Right Time

I for one feel fortunate to be here now. Each generation has faced and will continue to face unique challenges. Sometimes breaking down old structures that don’t work anymore can be incredibly painful and not without casualties. But if you’re here, reading this, then you might well believe as I believe — that we’re each here to serve a purpose. To learn, despite circumstances, how to thrive, connect, lead, and love. Was there any better time to do that than this year?

For if you’re here reading this, that’s exactly what you’ve done despite great odds. And for this you’ve been built. For this, you’ve been honing and calibrating and adjusting and adapting your skills and talents. The world needs your gifts. Needs you. That’s why you’re here at the right place, at the right time.

All the best, for living well… today.




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