WOW! Word of the Week: Let a Little Magic Into Your Life

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Let A Little or A Lot of Magic Into Your Life – Hello and Welcome to Living Well… Today!

Words have power. How much power do they possess?  A word like MAGIC? When you really FEEL it in your body… can transform the moment at the snap of your finger.

It’s WOW – Word of the Week time! And I am sharing one of my favorite words, my favorite feelings. I imagine it as a feeling. And that word is MAGIC It’s MAGIC time. So magic you could think of as a little kid – the magician who disappears the coins or disappears the cards or makes your card appear. You might think of mentalists and people like David Copperfield, with sleight of hand and sleight of eye and all of that. What I am referring to, the kind of magic I’m referring to is the magic that lies within you and all around you.

Magic All Around You and Inside of You

If you think about the planet spinning at the speed it spins at, and yet it spins perfectly and consistently, 365 days a year, and the seasons change perfectly year after year, that’s MAGIC. Some will say it’s science, but you cannot rationalize the majority of it. You cannot even rationalize quantum physics. It sounds like science, but when you really start to dig into it, MAGIC!  So I want you to focus on the, the whole premise of this is how words shift your moment, shift your mood, shift your life. So I want you to feel, and the connection that you have between your heart and your head, your brain and your body, I want you to feel in your body what it feels like when you say it, and you really soak it in and sit with the essence of the word Magic.

Letting Go and Believing

Companies like Disney have built entire fortunes and lifetimes worth of experiences for families, young and old. Magic. What is it? It’s that special something, something that creates something unexpected, that generates curiosity and intrigue and engagement and involvement. And also at the very same time, a letting go and believing in something, even though it’s intangible. That’s what faith is. Faith is magic love. Love is magic. The way your dog’s tail never lies. That’s magic. There are all sorts of magic moments happening around you. Rainbows. The smile of a husband kissing his wife goodbye, that have been married for 70 years, and there’s still that connection, that magic.

Looking For Magic

There’s a saying ‘We find what we go looking for.’ So, find the magic. Use the word rather than saying, Oh, it’s just coincidence. Oh, it’s magic. And it’s so much more fun to think about. We always want to be seeing through the eyes of a child and feeling through those eyes and experiencing the joy and the playfulness of MAGIC So go looking for magic today, and you’ll find it around every corner. That’s my promise.

All the best to you Friend. Here’s to living well… today.


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