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WOW! This Word of the Week Might Make You Go ‘Huh?’

So it’s that time! Word of the Week, and you’re going to hear it and you’re going to say, what? The word of the weak is: Surrender. You could say YIELD. You could say give in, go with the flow. Surrender. What does that feel like? Now you can frame it one way. You can […]

2023: Beautiful, Bountiful, Blessed

a new day

Can you believe that we are blessed to walk together for the year 2023? I recently sent the following note of enouragement to clients and colleagues I have the pleasure of co-creating with. Now I’m sharing with you too Friend… if you’re landing here to read this, it’s meant especially for you as well! First […]

Higher Vibes: Be a Tuning Fork for God

higher vibes be a tuning fork for God angela moonan living well today

Welcome to Living Well… Today. Hi, and welcome to Living Well Today. I’m Angela Moonan. I have shared a lot of my music over the years and the things that make me sing, things that make me whistle. My daughter’s always irritated with how much I’m whistling I do! lol I’m not conscious of it […]

Seeing with New Eyes

Discovery is not always about seeking new horizons. It’s about seeing with new eyes. ​Hi and Welcome! Welcome to my backyard. We were doing some filming today, including some storytelling around some really wonderful tools that we use for well-being. You may know that I use certain mindfulness tools in the workplace and resources in […]

WOW! When You Can Do this, Life Gets Easier

when youm can abide life gets easier word of the week angela moonan When You Can Abide I’m sharing a really powerful word with you today, and that word is abide. And there’s a tendency to think of, ‘Oh, I’m going to abide by the rules’, meaning comply. And I guess there’s an essence of compliance in the word abide. I frame it a little differently, which […]

Nature is the Best Medicine

angela moonan nature is the best medicine for living well today Nature Is The Best Medicine Welcome to Living Well Today. I’m Angela Moonan, and you’re going to be seeing me more and more in nature as I am finding my way, like everyone is, toward my better self. Nature has always played a central role in my life; even since I was a little […]

Luck Favors the Prepared

preparation luck favors the prepared with angela moonan Preparation is the KEY Hello! I use quotes, sayings things from much more brilliant people than I could ever dream of being, as guides, as tools, as reminders, as teachers. And there’s a really wonderful saying about preparation that “Luck favors the prepared man and woman.” And so we are getting ready for Hurricane Ian. And while […]

WOW! Word of the Week: Amazing!

word of the week angela moonan amazing

In the service of others and for your finest Self… look for and appreciate all that is AMAZING. >> Feel it in your body – shift your life by shifting the words you’re using to tell your story. Hello! Welcome to Living Well… Today. I’m Angela Moonan and I’m going to leave the comfort of my chair today […]

WOW! Word of the Week is Fascinating!

word of the week angela moonan fascinating

It’s WOW Time! Word of the Week starts with a question this week… What’s More Empowering? What feels more empowering? To be Frustrated ? or to be… FASCINATED When something’s fascinating you lean in, you take notice, you open up to learning something new. So whether with your employees, or a family member, or just […]

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